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Koby Bishop pitching for Wagner Seahawks(NCAA I) Northeast Conference My name is Koby Bishop and I am a Division I left handed pitcher entering my senior season at Wagner College in New York City. I first heard of Dustin Pease on twitter as he was advertising his...

When Sac Bunts Pay

Player Take-aways Study By Brad Woodfield. When faced with a high leverage situation in which the offensive team prioritizes scoring one run over the possibility of scoring many runs managers may be tempted to sacrifice bunt when a leadoff hitter reaches base. As a...

Weighted Baseballs & Pitching Command

It’s 2018, the standards have been set.  When it comes to reaching your desired goals and standards of “success” velocity is where most are looking to reach their individual goals. I won’t fault the player, I’ll fault the game dredging players through the muck of...

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