My Story


My Story.
My Mission.

My name is Dustin Pease and I am the founder of Lokation Nation. My story began in Baltimore, Maryland when I was in the 8th grade. I was an extremely undersized left-handed pitcher, standing at 5’9 140 pounds who had a relentless drive for the game of baseball and to be the best I could be. I was regularly scrutinized by coaches . . . I wasn’t big enough, strong enough, or just down right good enough to compete at a higher level or even the level I was at then. I sat the bench quite often in my youth due to my physicality. My 68-mph “fastball” was written off by many coaches heading into high school, which only fueled my passion.

My measurables were constantly outweighed by my bigger, stronger peers who wowed coaches and scouts with their strength, size, and “potential.” Fortunately for me, I refused to believe that my body size and or potential pitch velocity would prevent me from accomplishing my aspirations of playing at a high level of collegiate and professional baseball. I shifted my immediate focus towards success and what it meant to be successful. I wanted to be the most successful, consistent, reliable pitcher anyone had ever seen. Over the course of my high school career, I was able to define success in a different light that didn’t involve significant cultural pitching measurables. I wanted to prove people wrong, and I did. I realized then that training specifically to increase my velocity was a waste of time with no end in sight. Instead I concentrated hard on making a substantial difference in my current state—to GET PEOPLE OUT purely by COMMANDING LOCATIONS of my pitch repertoire.  Ironically, my velocity received upticks throughout the process of command training.

I had an epiphany in the 9th grade of high school. Under the mentor-ship of my instructor at the time, I realized that training myself to consistently command to precise locations of the strike zone with multiple pitches would separate me from every other pitcher. The advice couldn’t have been more true, and still holds significant truth in today’s game. Precision was my motto, repetition was my force, and location accountability allowed me to achieve my command goals at the young age of sixteen. Ironically, my advanced skill led to affiliated interest in high school throwing 77-79 (Senior) flying “under the radar.” Although it wasn’t enough interest to be drafted or signed, I did receive a scholarship offer to a Division I University, which I accepted. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the right people in my developmental years—people who truly understood the game, who recognized talent through skills, who focused more on my statistics rather than my size, and who fairly determined if a player could be a significant contributor to winning games. My adeptness to command did not go unnoticed; I could execute command of three pitches at a very high rate, at a young age. At this point, I recognized and understood that with enough dedication, this ability would lead to success. My belief in the importance of command above all other variables is what enabled me to have an extensive career in professional baseball.

I’m happy and proud to say I was a successful, professional left-handed pitcher for seven years. I’m proud to say I possess two professional championship rings, hold multiple accolades and records from professional organizations, NCAA Division I University, Division I Conference, and was a Division I All-American at 150 pounds with a low 80s fastball. I’m happy to prove that with a strong drive and intelligence to make the right decisions, all pitchers, including pitchers who may be scrutinized for being small and weak, may have a chance at a productive baseball career. High velocity is simply not achievable by everyone, but location is. The most difficult part is making the decision as to how you want to define your baseball career and the chronology of your training.

My velocity timeline:

Age Velocity Status Signings / Transactions
13 68 8th grade  
14 70 HS Public
15 71 HS Transfer to Private
16 76-77 HS  
17 77-79 top 81 HS Early Signing Division 1
18 80-82 top 84 College  
19 82-83 top 84 College  
20 82-83 top 84 College  
21 82-83 top 84 College Sign Independent post grad
22 83-84 top 86 Professional Kansas City / Independent
23 83-84 top 86 Professional Independent
24 83-84 top 87 Professional Independent
25 83-84 top 87 Professional San Diego / A+
26 83-84 top 89 Professional San Diego / AA
27 84-86 top 89 Professional Released AAA Spring Training