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Lefty Pickoffs

There are very few things that get me as excited than a baserunner getting thrown out at second base by my catcher, unless that is picking him off first before he has a chance to steal. Left handed pitchers have a massive advantage when it comes to pick-off moves,...

Visiting Lokation Nation

Koby Bishop pitching for Wagner Seahawks(NCAA I) Northeast Conference My name is Koby Bishop and I am a Division I left handed pitcher entering my senior season at Wagner College in New York City. I first heard of Dustin Pease on twitter as he was advertising his...

When Sac Bunts Pay

Player Take-aways Study By Brad Woodfield. When faced with a high leverage situation in which the offensive team prioritizes scoring one run over the possibility of scoring many runs managers may be tempted to sacrifice bunt when a leadoff hitter reaches base. As a...

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